Because of the passion we have for uniqueness and creativity, the methodologies we employ empower us to be a prominent player in the industry. With ingenuity and imagination being one of our valued assets, we utilize these strengths coupled with precision execution, to form the mosaic of this team’s element. This enables us to deliver a rock-solid solution for your benefit.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our commitment is to excellence, providing quality solutions to our clients. Our vision is versatile and dynamic when generating new ideas for our clients. Our goal is pure yet simple; provide an impeccable solution and stellar service to YOU, our premier and valued benefactor.

What We Do

What We Do

We aspire to differentiate ourselves as a unique solution provider offering selective services to our customers, clients and partners. We take pride in leveraging a diverse approach to digital media services, and consistently challenging ourselves to reach a plateau that is above and beyond what others have attained.

WhoWe Are

Who We Are is a digital media anh web hosting solution provider which leverages the strengths and technical expertise of an alliance of industry professionals. Fusing a collaboration of skill sets within respective aspects of the media industry, we have focused our energies on providing our clients with exquisite expertise in digital media.


We have been providing web hosting solutions since 1999. At the time our company did no provide hosting services so we were forced to refer our clients to non affiliated companies. In 2001 we began offering a superior hosting service to our clients. The support and reliability we offer has proven to be the key factor in our ability to be a competitive force in the ever growing hosting market.

Our Network

Our datacenter is located in Houston, Texas and is staffed 24/7/365. There are multiple OC48 SONET fiber rings that provide basic connectivity to eight access carriers. The datacenter is completely redundant, including a 2200 gallon backup diesel generator. There are over 580 smoke detectors throughout the 35,000 square foot facility, with a VESDA contaminate system.

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  • 500mb storage
  • 5g bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email
  • 1.5g storage
  • 15g Bandwidth
  • 2 MySql/Email
  • 3g Storage
  • 25g Bandwidth
  • 5 MySql/Email/Store